The purest Ghana shea butter

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    Eugenia shea is a deeply rich natural cream sourced in Ghana. The Ghana shea butter is founded by Eu'Genia shea butter experts. These African gifts are made with the highest quality luxury shea butter in the world with over 80% shea content. If treating dry skin or sore muscles, the eugenia shea butter serves as a relaxing muscle butter to bring relief to tired areas of the body. Mother shea naturals comes from the shea nut farmed in Ghana. Eugenia shea is rich in vitamins A, E, and K. Eu'Genia shea was founded by a mother and daughter duo. The Ghana shea butter can be used as frequent as daily. Apply the eugenia shea butter as a topical moisture. Due to its concentration of powerful vitamins that are absorbed in the skin, this mother shea naturals ointment is used frequently throughout the region of West Africa. Shea butter is known as nature's wonder balm or women's gold in Africa. The rich cream arrives in a set of four small tins. Place the scented or unscented shea butter in a powder room for guests to use. The eugenia shea also makes for a thoughtful gift. Receive free shipping within the contiguous 48 United States.