Crochet stuffed toys. All cuddle, no bite. 54kibo exclusive.

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    The crocheted toy collection is made up of crochet stuffed toys that are inspired by the animals that roam the savanna in Africa. Each crocheted toy is handmade by weavers in South Africa. These women weavers create soft, playful toys that kids adore. Each crocheted toy is made using the Amigurumi technique, a Japanese art of knitting small stuffed yarn creatures. The only material used in the making of these crochet stuffed toys is organic cotton. Even the eyes are crocheted, making these toys safe options for children of all ages to play with. Each toy is the perfect balance of contemporary design formed using time-honored techniques. Their texture is unmatchable. The crochet stuffed toys are happiest when travelling in herds: children love to collect all of the animals and play with them daily. Explore beautiful colors and adorable animal faces. Set the crocheted toys in a crib or a toddler bed. Be aware, suddenly these animals may escape to another room in the home for playtime. Well made with high quality cotton, the crocheted stuffed toys will last for many years to come and age well with the growth of a child. They make for a great birthday gift or holiday gift, too.