Artfully designed objects and modern sculptures.

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    54kibo’s online store offers a luxurious collection of handmade sculptures, figurines, and African art objects made for the modern home. These contemporary pieces are inspired by African culture and historic moments. African art objects are eye-catching, and, along with modern sculptures for home decor, fit well in a living room, entryway, or bedroom, quickly becoming the focal point of a space. Modern sculptures for home decor are hand carved to perfection. Figurines with deep facial grooves are attended to in detail, and worked over time. Stunning modern sculptures for home decor speak an entire story, crafted through the eyes of an artist connecting with his ancestors. Truly one-of-a-kind, these modern sculptures for home decor are high quality pieces, treasured throughout the generations and passed down for years to come. Beaded African art objects with radial and symmetrical patterns are handwoven by master artisans who incorporate traditional design techniques into the contemporary pieces they create. They use a combination of glass beads, cowrie shells, and manilla string. These African art objects are stable additions to stand on the floor, on a shelf, console, mantle, or on a table, perfect for creating different heights to vary the scale of furnishings in a space. They can also be hung on the wall. The pieces are offered in multiple colorways and are always a strong conversation starter.