Art fairs and fashion weeks influence interior design. Home decor manufacturers and interior designers turn to these events for colour scheme, pattern, product design and eco-friendly interior design ideas. Fairs and fashion weeks on the African continent are valued for the innovation and beauty that they add to design. This fall saw the return of physical iterations of some of Africa’s premiere art and fashion events in Lagos, Nigeria and Johannesburg, South Africa. Here, we dive into some of the trends that emerged from Art X Lagos, South African Fashion Week and Lagos Fashion Week.


The rise of Art X Lagos

Purple Reign, Feeling Blue

Deep purples, indigo and cobalt blues were the dominant colors at Art X and Lagos Fashion week. Artists like Amoako Boafo and Patrick Joël Tatcheda Yonkeu both employed these colors in their grand oeuvres. The same colors were also seen in fashion collections by Lagos Space Programme, Lohije and Adara designs.

Co-existing with Our Planet


Bright colors, abstract prints, figures and eco-friendly interior design will rule this spring and summer. Let us show you how to incorporate each trend into your home.

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