Beaded artworks from master beadsmiths in Central and Southern Africa.

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    This minority owned business handcrafts modern Afrocentric art. Some of the materials used in Afrocentric art and design include woven plant fibres, wood, glass beads, shells and dyed cotton that are arranged in geometric patterns. This minority owned business creates a line of beaded designs that are beautiful representations of Afrocentric art. Each piece holds a different meaning that has been carried throughout the lineage of African design. Beadworking techniques has been practiced in Cameroon and South Africa for generations. Design processes include arranging and securing small glass beads and cowrie shells onto a solid wood backing. The minority owned business uses functional shapes that have been around for centuries as a source of inspiration. For example, the Zulu shield used to be a line of defense and now, in this modern version, it is a decorative piece of Afrocentric art made for the modern home. The work of this minority owned business commemorates the strength, beauty and application of past designs while finding its footing in present day. Invite this body of handmade beaded scuplture into the modern home. These beautiful pieces can hold deep meaning when given as a gift to a loved one on a special occasion.