Soft cotton tea towels

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    Tea towels featured in the collection are hand selected cute tea towels and kitchen towels set. These woven cotton tea towels are eco friendly, using non-toxic dyes to create unique striped patterns in a variety of colors suitable for kitchen design. Spring kitchen towels, including white tea towels, can be selected for seasonal looks. Otherwise opt for a geometric tea towels set with darker colors to match a colder time of year. Cotton tea towels are useful for cooking in the kitchen or as a dish towel for cleaning after a meal. Consider a tea towel that features a striped pattern using 100% cotton sourced in Ethiopia. A highly skilled weave creates a durable structure for each teatowel. Bring a functional accessory into the modern kitchen with a tea cloth, or opt for several cotton tea towels to have on hand for the changing of the seasons throughout the year. A tea towel set is a useful and appreciated gift for a housewarming party or as a thank you for an invitation to dinner. Geometric tea towels handmade in Ethiopia have a special story embedded within, one of centuries-old design tradition, crafstmanship and deep appreciation of the art of textile making.