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    Sidai Designs creates beautiful handmade, high end, beaded wearable accessories inspired by Maasai jewelry. The Sidai Designs team collaborates with Maasai women to create uniquely African Maasai jewelry that celebrate the local heritage of Tanzania and provide economic independence to women in the community by providing sustainable employment while preserving Maasai cultural heritage and craftsmanship. The strong cultural influences can be seen in the Sidai Designs aesthetic, with artistically creative pieces that reference historical beadworking traditions. For generations, beaded accessories were worn to signify important moments in life, such as a marriage and the joining of two families. This traditional Maasai jewelry beadwork is reinvigorated with each modern design, empowering local craftswomen and building a foundation for continued development for years to come. From conception to design to finished product, Sidai Designs instills the highest level of attention to detail and quality control. Using recycled materials as the backbone for many products, Sidai incorporates high quality materials to create exclusive pieces of Maasai jewelry that are enjoyed internationally. Explore jewelry that is handmade in Tanzania with geometric patterns made out of small glass beads, 14k gold chains, and leather closures. These pieces make for thoughtful gifts for a special occasion or a gift for oneself.

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