Impeccably created Swaziland baskets by premier weavers.

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    The Swaziland baskets are designed by local weavers who use sisal plant fibres to create sustainable ways to store items in the home. Sisal is a succulent agave bush with large fleshy leaves that grows in Swaziland as a weed. Its fibrous strength lends itself to be a great material for basket weaving. The Swaziland baskets hold their structure for years due to their expert design and tight weave. For over 30 years this line of Swaziland baskets have been hand woven in a variety of bold colors and African inspired patterns. Over 1,000 Swazi women have been educated on how to make these baskets, executed by hand using a fine coiling technique. One 7-inch basket takes over 30 hours to weave in a meticulous and time-intensive process. Swaziland baskets are recognized around the world for their beauty and high-quality, paving the way into the sphere of fine design. The sustainable baskets are durable and long lasting, great for a side table or kitchen table centerpiece. All of these sustainable baskets are graded according to the refinement in the finish and the level of mastery achieved by the weaver. Non-toxic dyes are used to create a wide range of colors and patterns.