A selection of expertly woven Zimbabwe basketry from women owned small businesses.

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    Basketry is an ancient craft dating back to approximately 7,000 BCE. Still, to this day, basket weaving is a highly expressive art that plays an integral part in African design. The Zimbabwe baskets are made by women owned small businesses. They offers a contemporary perspective of some of the intricate styles of weaving found in Zimbabwe, including binga basket weaving, sisal weaving and ilala palm weaving. Binga baskets are round and flat with a square bottom and were traditionally used for winnowing grain. Master artisans who work at women owned small businesses make these geometric patterned Zimbabwe baskets from natural plant fibres and non-toxic dyes. Sisal baskets are created using a technique called coil weaving; vibrantly dyed sisal fibers are wrapped and then stitched over tiny bundles of grass. Traditionally, these Zimbabwe baskets are given as gifts and symbolize a long and happy life. Some of 54kibo’s sisal baskets are sourced from Zienzele Basket Shop, a women owned small business that also runs a foundation to provide schooling for orphaned children. These youth also practice the treasured skill of basket weaving. The third range of Zimbabwe baskets is a collection made from ilala palm leaf that produces a smoother weave. This style of basket weaving is most common in the Lupane District. The weavers are mostly farmers who belong to a women owned small business that diversify their sustainable farming income with sales from the ilala baskets.