Moroccan Scented Candle - 2 Set Jasmine, Oud

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Dounia Home

$ 85

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Feel like you're walking through the spice markets of Morocco or fields of jasmine flowers with this set of two raffia scented candles. The warm scents of Oud and Jasmine will fill your home with an inviting fragrance. Easily the best smelling candles and best scented candles, for any space. Handmade with sustainability in mind using natural soy wax melt in a co-op studio in Marrakesh. Each candle is placed inside a glass vessel with a woven raffia basket container that is reusable.

Oud: Transport yourself to far away Morocco with the warm and woody sweetness of Oud, a prized fragrance often referred to as liquid gold. Marked with aromatic balsamic notes, this complex scent will fill your home, making you feel like you just landed in Marrakesh.

Jasmine: Persian for "a gift from God", Jasmine is known for its calming properties. With a sweet and fragrant smell, Jasmine is considered the scent of calm. Let the romantic and sweet fragrance of Jasmine vines envelop your home, making you feel like you're strolling through a secret garden in Marrakesh.



Dounia (Dun-Ya) Tamri-Loeper founded Dounia Home in 2015 with a vision to create a lifestyle brand that empowers Moroccan artisans. Born and raised in Morocco in a family of artists, Dounia became interested in art at a very young age. After working for Michael Graves Architecture & Design for five years, Dounia took her experience at the world-renowned product design and architecture firm and started her own brand that features contemporary African designs in each piece.

Today she works with the best craftsmen in Morocco, designing and developing modern African lighting and furniture collections. Her passion for quality, locally-made products brings refined and unique pieces to your home, crafted by master metalworkers. Dounia earned her Bachelors of Science from Drexel University in 2010.