Nur Wall Sconce Lighting - Copper

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Dounia Home

$ 550

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The Dounia Nur Wall Sconce diffuses soft dappled light through the space around it, making it perfect for bedroom lighting that will enhance your home with modern African decor. Our unique, handmade Moroccan sconce highlights rich metalwork with a connecting black cord with a mat finish, making it both modern and artistic. This copper Moroccan light fixture is a beautiful piece of contemporary African design that can be enjoyed in any room in need of a little extra light.

Shade size 6"D x 5.5" H; Canopy 5” D x 1" H; Adjustable black cloth covered cord



Dounia (Dun-Ya) Tamri-Loeper founded Dounia Home in 2015 with a vision to create a lifestyle brand that empowers Moroccan artisans. Born and raised in Morocco in a family of artists, Dounia became interested in art at a very young age. After working for Michael Graves Architecture & Design for five years, Dounia took her experience at the world-renowned product design and architecture firm and started her own brand that features contemporary African designs in each piece.

Today she works with the best craftsmen in Morocco, designing and developing modern African lighting and furniture collections. Her passion for quality, locally-made products brings refined and unique pieces to your home, crafted by master metalworkers. Dounia earned her Bachelors of Science from Drexel University in 2010.

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