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Inspired by nature in Swaziland, Tintsaba Sisal baskets are more than a designer item. Culture and tradition are woven into their minimalistic design reflecting the timeless aesthetics of African design. Handmade from locally sourced all natural sisal rope. One 7-inch diameter basket takes about 30 hours to weave in a meticulous and time-intensive process.
All baskets are graded according to the level of mastery achieved by the weaver and refinement in the finish.



Designed and handmade by Tintsaba. For over 30 years, Tintsaba has been creating beautiful handmade products using Sisal, a succulent agave bush with large fleshy leaves that grows in Swaziland as a weed. Every step of the production is executed by hand using a fine coiling technique, with no chemicals. Established in 1985, the company has trained over 1000 Swazi women in this craft and today it’s proud to have 20 internationally recognized Master Weavers.

Recognized around the world for the beauty and the quality of its products, Tintsaba has truly elevated a traditional African craft into the sphere of fine design.

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