Preserving centuries-old basket weaving craftsmanship.

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    Authentic African woven baskets are recognized by several design qualities: the use of locally sourced natural materials, non-toxic dyes, and a durable weave. The baskets are also generally made by women and minority owned business groups. Each basket in this collection has authentic African design qualities. It is handwoven by women at a minority owned business cooperative in Kenya. The group has over 1000 women who live in agricultural areas surrounding Tsavo National Park. These women weave baskets throughout the year. The baskets are commonly used as decorative bins to hold indoor plants. They can double as waste baskets, too, depending on their size, or as a storage unit for small household items. Each authentic African basket in this collection is truly one of a kind. The patterns and colors will vary slightly. The women and minority owned business use creativity while weaving each basket, which is encouraged at work. Repetition, on the other hand, is actively discouraged. Colors are generally a combination of natural, brown and yellow, made in various patterns. The women and minority owned business makes beautiful baskets that are functional and authentically African. They are meaningful and satisfying gifts to give a friend or coworker. Select different sizes and mix and match designs in the home.