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54kibo sells a curated collection of African decor. Whether you are building off of an existing design themed living space or creating a new look from scracth in a living room, bedroom, office or kitchen, afrocentric decor offers many options to choose from. African decorations fit well inside a modern home. Consider focusing on design trends that are modern, contemporary, ethnic, afrocentric, safari, afro bohemian, farmhouse, coastal or rustic. Featured pieces in the African decor collection are often offered in several colorways, uplifting your design concept above the norm and creating a unique look just for you. Incorporate African decor ideas to increase the beauty and functionality in your home. These artworthy pieces are handmade by master artisans using a variety of materials including small glass beads, woven sisal fibers, metals and wood, depending on the art piece you are shopping. In many cases, afrocentric decor is structured using sustainable practices. Designers incorporate reclaimed materials and build their teams locally, providing education opportunities that advance work and life skills. From mirrors that play with dimension of a space, to wall hangings that cover up wall imperfections to hand woven baskets and other African decorations for coffee tables and nightstands, African decor ideas are creative and playful ways to enhance a home.