Anesu Minimalist Necklace



The sophisticated design of the Anesu necklace features a two-tone cord accentuated by brass ornaments. Each necklace is made of a double braid rope meticulously hand swathed in ivory fiber and black hemp thread. The sheen and simplicity of brass complete this timeless piece, subtly connecting the African spirit with contemporary design.

Entirely handmade, each necklace is unique and may differ in appearance from another.



Launched in 2016 by designer Melanie Edmunds, Mweya jewelry collection represents the intersection of contemporary design and South African art. Meaning “soul” in Shona Language, Mweya was inspired by its founder’s travels through South Africa, with the country’s culture and landscape incorporated into each piece.

Infusing her designs with elements found in African diaspora art, the designer highlights her dedication to simple elegance and excellence in craftsmanship. Handcrafted with bold materials, minimalist Mweya accessories make elegant statement pieces for everyday wear. Being one of a kind, each adornment bears the mark of the Mweya style and refined quality.

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