Walking Bench - Black



The Tekura walking bench is a contemporary African bench perfect for indoor use. Made from reclaimed wood sourced from the woodlands of Ghana, this modern entryway bench can create warmth in those forgotten spaces and serve as a place to put the finishing touches on an outfit before leaving the house. Classic, yet contemporary, the walking bench can be seamlessly integrated into a living area for extra seating, or stand by a doorway, showcasing a touch of African design upon coming home.

Hand-carved at Tekura studio, this small bench is a unique and elegant option to bring contemporary African design into any home.



Founded in 2000 by Josephine Forson and her husband Kweku, Tekura is now a hub for accent furniture, decor and unique accessories. Each piece is made from reforested wood that has fallen in the woodlands of Ghana. Designs draw from the inspiration of African artistry and culture. Tekura is proud to be a family owned business, specializing in accent tables, contemporary stools, and complimentary pieces including custom furniture.

Tekura’s globally recognized craftsmanship has been exhibited in boutiques and galleries in Europe, the United States and Africa. Today, Forson’s daughter Audrey manages a team of 25 artisans to create pieces that are true to the brand and showcase the skill of local artisans.

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