Contemporary meditation cushions.

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    African meditation pillows and meditation cushions are relaxing to sit on during an at-home meditation practice. These eco-friendly designs are handwoven in Zimbabwe using natural Ilala palm fibers. Their specific weave creates a soft yet textured pattern. Due to their light weight, they can easily be carried into different rooms of the home. The neutral-colors of the meditation pillows and meditation cushions allow these contemporary African accents to be resituated and restyled within a variety of interior designs. Consider taking a meditation cushion to a sunny spot midday, or carry a meditation pillow into the bedroom for a few minutes of solace and silence before bed. Master weavers in Zimbabwe capture the essence of traditional weaving techniques in each piece. Known for their durability, these decor accessories are made to last. The meditation pillows and meditation cushions can also be used as a footrest or extra seating during home gatherings with friends and family. Consider these decor pieces when moving into a new home, prior to deciding on permanent furniture. They can then be used during a meditation practice or as extra seating for guests. The cushions liven up an empty corner of a living space and are thoughtful additions to a guest suite.