Coiled bowls to contain clutter in style.

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    Coiled rope baskets and coiled bowls are useful additions to modern home decor. They help contain clutter in style. Choose from a variety of sizes that will accommodate specific spaces within the home. The baskets are available in different colors and patterns to match with existing decor styles. The coiled rope baskets and coiled bowls are handmade from locally sourced cotton rope and dyed with non-toxic sun-set dyes. They are inspired by generations of African basket weaving techniques and are known for their beauty as well as their supreme functionality. Each coiled rope basket and coiled bowl is well-structured, built to maintain its timeless form for years to come. Organize a variety of rooms in the home with the dependable and beautiful coiled rope baskets and coiled bowls. A larger basket will fit throw blankets and extra throw pillows for storage in a living room. And a smaller basket to complete the look in a guest bedroom, fitting odds and ends including electronics chargers and remote controls for an organized interior. The baskets also work well in the kitchen, on a windowsill as an indoor planter or to hold citrus. Consider for a last minute centerpiece while dining with friends or family.