Handmade crochet dolls. Your child's new best friend. 54kibo exclusive.

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    The handmade crochet dolls are made with love using weaving techniques practiced in South Africa for generations. Women weavers create each handmade crochet doll out of soft cotton, making them enjoyable gifts for babies and young children. The fabric of these handwoven soft toys is ethically dyed and sewn together by South African weavers. Each dolls' outfit is colorful, with cute patterns and designs that kids adore. Because they are made out of cotton with no added plastics for eyes or other features, the handmade crochet dolls are extremely safe for all ages. The handmade crochet dolls are made using the Amigurumi technique, a Japanese art of knitting small stuffed yarn creatures. Collect all of the toys in the collection or give a gift of a single one for a birthday, holiday or special occasion. For example, Imina wears a pastel pink ballerina outfit that young dancers gravitate towards. Inyosi wears an adorable black and yellow honey bee costume with a ruffled skirt. Give one or more handwoven dolls to a little one at any time of year. Share their South African origin story and feel secure knowing that each toy is safe and soft for playtime around the house and around the world.