Premium Haitian chocolate by Askanya

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    Assorted chocolates include 90 percent dark chocolate, as well as 60%, 50% and 47% cacao content options. The bars are made by Askanya using local Haitian cacao beans. These cacao beans are premium quality, making them thoughtful business chocolate gifts or to use as part of chocolate gift baskets for the chocolate lover. Corporate chocolates and chocolate gift baskets with Askanya's 90 dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars come in a variety of sizes to choose from. From full bar sizes to mini bars, a chocolate corporate gift is fitting for a new hire or to celebrate the holiday season. Askayna's assorted chocolates are popular as corporate chocolate gifts in 90 percent dark chocolate and milk chocolate variations. As a chocolate corporate gift, they are enjoyed by chocolate lovers. Business chocolate gifts can be a part of a larger gift idea, too, including flowers or other food and drink items including nuts, cheese or wine. Browse the assorted chocolates collection for corporate gift ideas during any time of the year. Consider sending the chocolate directly to the recipient during the holiday season for family and friends to enjoy and experience the difference in Haitian cacao. Free shipping on all chocolate orders within the contiguous 48 United States.