Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. For thousands of years, countries have built traditions centered around it. In the United States this began in the early 20th century. Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times globally. In the U.S. and in South Africa it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May however in Malawi for example it is celebrated on October 15. No matter where you were raised you may have some memories about past Mother’s Days or traditions you and your family shared. What are some of the best memories that come to your mind?

 Then there comes the age-old question: what should I get mom as a gift? We asked our creative and coveted design partners what’s on their Mother’s Day gift wish list this year. We also heard from them about some of their most memorable Mother's Day moments. We touched base with artist Malene Barnett, Brooklyn, NY; Print and fabric maker  Valerie Louis, founder of Yael et Valerie based in Haiti; interior designer Keisha Gilchrist and founder of  SDV Décor based in Maryland; ceramics designer Marjorie Wallace, founder of Mutapo ceramics based in Harare, Zimbabwe; handbags designer Tamburai Chirume, Co-founder of ONEOFEACH based in Cape Town, South Africa; and Nana Quagraine, our Founder & CEO.

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Artist Malene Barnett


Malene Barnett: My family is from the Caribbean and I’m the first generation born in the US. And because of this my grandmothers, and great grandmothers never experienced a Mother’s Day celebration, hence family rituals and traditions do not exist. My mother is an avid gardener. She started a tradition of using Mother’s Day as the marker to start her Spring gardening. And because of this tradition, the only gift my mother wants to receive on Mother’s Day is help from her daughters in the garden. But I would gift her 54kibo’s Haitan Landmark Placemats.


Read more about Malene here and her work with the Black Artists & Designers Guild.


Marjorie Wallace: I can only remember back to the last one, where I was made a special pancake breakfast. As I tell my children, every day is Mother’s Day. My children will always phone me or message me on the day, and I will phone my own mother. Your question prompted me to think more broadly about just being a mother. This has been the most important task of my life. It overrides any other task that I have had including national commitment and my commitment to be an artist and craftsperson. The nurturing of my children has always been primary, and I don’t really need any thanks. Having their presence in my life is thanks enough.


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Marjorie Wallace, Founder Mutapo Ceramics

Makaya Bird 12X15 Bolster Pillow Multi-color


Valerie Louis, Haiti: When I became a mother, I put in place a new tradition with my daughter Yaël. Ever since she turned 5 years old, she knew she had to use her imagination to create a unique gift for me for Mother’s Day... Read more of Valerie's traditions here


Keisha Gilchrist, USA: It’s the simple things that I remember the most about the Mother’s Days of past. Sitting around my grandmother’s kitchen table after church listening to women have “girl talk”... Read more of Keisha's rituals here  

Tamburai Chirume, South Africa: Sometimes mother's day is not always joyful as not everyone's mum is still alive so I would like to just mention that if you have the ability to be a mom to someone without an actual mom, pass on that love it's important #yourmumismymum. Read more of Tamburai’s traditions here


Nana Quagraine: My mother who lives in Takoradi, Ghana, is an extrovert who truly loves to be around people. The gift she treasures the most anytime of the year is having visitors to our home or visiting friends and family. A typical Mother’s Day starts with church, then a meal at home or an “outing” to a restaurant as she likes to call it. Then almost always followed by visiting family.

In Ghana the definition of a mother is very broad. Growing up I considered my great-grandmother, who I was fortunate to spend time with till I was about five years old, my grandmothers, my mother and all my aunts to be my mothers so they all had to be visited or called upon. I now consider my daughter to also be my mother (she does too!) since she carries the collective legacy of all the women in my family. This year I will call my mother, my mother-in-law, and the many other mother figures in my life. I will then spend time with my family and enjoy a home cooked meal. It seems I’ve morphed into my mother! 

Nana Quagraine and her twins Kofi (left) and Efua

Read more about the featured designers and artists Malene Barnett, Valerie Louis, Keisha Gilchrist, Tamburai Chirume and Mutapo. Shop our Mother’s Day gift guide selections below.

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