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Contemporary dinnerware, including modern dinnerware, colorful dish sets, colorful dinner plates, modern plates and black and white dishes, brighten up a kitchen or dining room table and extend the functionality of dinnertime. Modern tabletop decor is unique dinnerware and colorful dinenrware that switch up the look of a tablescape or decorate open kitchen shelves. The collection includes African ceramics, a dish selection that is a beautiful way to serve a meal to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The designer dishes that make up the contemporary dinnerware collection incorporate memories and cultural moments in Africa and its diaspora. The craftsmanship of the modern dinnerware shows through the intricate detailing of colorful dish sets, unique dinnerware patterns, and stunning design. Black and white dishes dress up a tablescape. The modern plates come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different aspects of the meal. The high quality colorful dish sets are sturdy and solid, maintaining their shape throughout multiple uses and over time. Colorful dinner plates come in a variety of set sizes to accommodate specific number of guests at a dinner party or family gathering. These sets have the capacity to be used now and for years to come. Explore one-of-a-kind contemporary dinnerware with free shipping in the continguous United States.