Defining Housewarming: Warm Up Your Own Home for Spring


It’s time to fully express the joy we feel for our homes. When we fill our interiors with inspiring touches, it has the power to leave us lighter and lifted. Although we may not be flying or driving to new destinations these days, we can warm our homes by shopping online for new pieces that make our home shine, and we can continue to be influenced by the visual stimulation that well-curated interior design can provide.

But the process of choosing decor items can be intimidating at first. Questions may arise like: how will I know if this new design piece will work well in my home? Where do I even start?

We are a digital retailer of contemporary African design: home decor items created by designers from Africa and its diaspora and delivered straight to your door with free shipping. From textiles to embroidery, bead work and dyes, these modern applications of centuries-old patterns and design methods can accent a room and light up a living space.

With so many styles to choose from, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in taking that first step to welcome contemporary African design into your own home. Here are some pointers to help navigate our curated collection.


The Shop by Country feature on 54kibo organizes designers by location. Click through designers based in South Africa, for example, to discover the range of designs from patterned kids’ toys and prints on throw pillows, to sustainable lighting options, all inspired by methodologies and materials common to its country of origin. Allow your mind to absorb the visuals. See which designs speak to you. Perhaps it is the pattern - the bright and bold colors. Or maybe the black and white designs in repetition.


Select one room of your home and focus on that. Perhaps it is a room where you spend the most time in, or an area that has maintained the same look for a while. When it comes time to purchase, it will be easier to concentrate on this one area, and whether you decide to pick one item or two new pieces, you will be able to easily visualize its place in your home.



It’s never a bad idea to ask for second opinions before investing in a design piece for your home. Send a message by clicking on the ‘help’ button on the bottom right corner of the screen with any question about a design. If you want to receive suggestions about fitting certain pieces within your existing interior, attach a few photos to your message and someone from the design team will provide you with suggestions that are specifically tailored to your home.

Arriving at home redesign projects with a clear plan can help organize your thoughts and clarify your wants and needs from the start. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with your questions. And follow us on Instagram @_54kibo for more inspiration and ideas.