54kibo’s online retail store is home to carefully curated items that exemplify modern design with a unique perspective. Since the beginning, 54kibo has been a space to showcase designers with roots in Africa that are now breaking into the global market. Today, we are proud to bring our customers the highest quality pieces from Simone Brewster, AAKS, ONEOFEACH, Sidai Designs and Adele Dejak who have created wonderfully innovative jewelry and handbags that celebrate the history of Africa and look to the future of contemporary design.


AAKS: Ghana-born Akosua Afryie-Kumi set out to create a vibrant handbag line that would be perfect for travel and everyday use. While she wanted create modern silhouettes that would be highly functional, she also sought to show pride in her upbringing. Made from brightly colored raffia with leather accents, AAKS bags celebrate tradition and embrace modern design.

ONEOFEACH: This mother daughter duo based in Cape Town, South Africa strives to be agents of changes in Africa through their line of beautifully crafted purses and crossbody bags. Each piece is handmade from oxhide leather and dyed and printed Ankara cotton that celebrates the traditional fabrics of the region. With so many striking designs, it’s easy to convince yourself you’ll need one of each!


Celebrated for her uniquely architectural jewelry, Simone Brewster has created a style all her own. Brewster’s line of jewelry is highly futuristic with its sharp lines and stacked shapes that will make a statement. In order to modernize the craft, she works with traditional hand-crafting techniques while also incorporating new technology to make jewelry pieces for the modern woman including stud earrings and other statement pieces.


Growing up in Nigeria, Adele Dejak was inspired by her mother and grandmother who would dress in stunning fabrics and traditional tribal jewelry. She now uses her eponymous line to follow her passion of creating bold, one of a kind jewelry including choker necklaces, hoop earrings, for the modern woman. Made from horn and brass, her jewelry will stand out in a crowd with its highly modern aesthetic, while nodding to the traditional style of her family’s matriarch.


Sidai Designs creates stylish, handmade modern African earrings and bracelets with beads. Their beautifully beaded bracelets incorporate high quality materials using the Maasai beading tradition to create exclusive jewelry. Using recycled materials as the backbone for many products, Sidai incorporates high quality components to create exclusive pieces of jewelry that are enjoyed internationally.

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