Contemporary geometric 8'x10 wool rugs.

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    Adorn modern spaces with luxury 8'x10' rugs inspired by traditional African design techniques. The rich collection of high-end 8'x10 wool rugs available at 54kibo showcases contemporary African design at its finest. Offered in 100% Egyptian cotton, wool, and silk, the handmade African rug designs have a high-quality finish that adds a distinct texture and rich African accent to any modern living room, dining room, bedroom or nursery. The size of the 8'x10' rugs seamlessly creates playful zones within the decor of interiors without sacrificing floor space. 8'x10 wool rugs from this collection come in many sizes and accentuate the shape of any room, while the intricate woven patterns and colors complement and enhance existing flooring. For a more textured aesthetic, the 8'x10' sisal rugs are the perfect option as they possess a woven pattern that is durable and substantial, yet comfortable to the touch. Comfort and durability are a clear focus in the making of the 8'x10 wool rugs: they are woven onto a cotton base reinforcing their structure and making them more resistant to wear and tear as a prominent floor covering within the home. The wide selection of 8'x10' rugs available provides ample options for accessorizing multiple interior spaces with a contemporary African approach to carpeting. Due to their size, the 8'x10 wool rugs provide the opportunity to experiment with the design elements of scale and repetition within interior programs. 8'x10' rugs are available to shop on 54kibo’s online store and shipping is always free within the USA.